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Discover a wide range of references. Hearts of all shapes, sizes and colors are at your disposal. We have costume jewelry, rhodium-plated metal jewelry, solid silver jewelry, gold-plated jewelry and, soon, solid gold jewelry. You're bound to find a piece of heart jewelry that you like and that will match your style ♥


We offer many different heart tops, from T-shirts to sweaters. Sophisticated as well as very simple designs are available. Enrich your style now with a timeless and universal symbol ♥


World of Hearts also offers many accessories on the theme of the heart, love and the couple. We have phone covers, heart-shaped glasses and bags, handbags or rather tote bags.
The Spirit of Our Brand

World of Hearts wants to offer to everyone excellent quality products that represent a heart. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing, accessories for your look or decorative objects, you will find the design you like!

If you are looking for a very classic heart design, you will of course find it here. But at World of Hearts, hearts can be red, multicolored, faceted, sequined, leopard, drawn by a plane, on a balloon. Let yourself be carried away by the fantasy of our models!

Beyond the products with a heart, World of Hearts is also interested in all products related to love and couple. You will also find rings and matching T-shirts for couples or love bracelets that we hope will delight you.

So of course you can give a cute vibe to your look with our products. But we also have some darker and perhaps less expected designs for you!

World of Hearts also has a social vocation and donates 1% of its sales to Doctors Without Borders in order to bring medical care to those in precarious situations, in France and abroad. Recently, Doctors Without Borders treated Burundian refugees in Tanzania and Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. They also take care of unaccompanied minors in France and Belgium. At this very moment, they are providing care to Ukrainian civilians wounded by the fighting with the Russian invader

The 100% authentic heart store

World of Hearts store wishes to spread the heart symbol. Although it is universal and timeless, we are convinced that, like the peace and love symbol, it is not used enough. The heart symbol encourages us, modestly, to appreciate and respect the other, whoever he is.

A customer service to help you

Our customer service is committed to answer all your questions within 48 hours. So don't hesitate to write to us at if you have a question about sizes, availability of products, deliveries or any other question. Phone support is available upon request.

A large choice of products!

With more than 200 references, our store is the place to be in the US for heart lovers. Whether you are looking for a crop top, a ring, or a mug, you are sure to find the heart product you want on our store.

Our commitment to quality

All products are designed to be comfortable to wear. We provide a detailed size guide so that, more often than not, your first try is the right one. However, if you have any size concerns, returns are available. We sincerely hope you enjoy your experience with World of Hearts!