The Meanings of Heart Tattoos

If you're looking to get a tattoo, you've probably already thought about getting a heart tattoo. They have long been symbols of love and romance, so why wouldn't you want one on your body? Maybe because there are many, an infinite number in fact, of possible designs! Plus, many icons like Selena Gomez or Gigi Hadid have tattoos. To help you decide which heart tattoo would look best on you, here are 14 tattoos with a heart that will allow you to express your emotions and ideas. These tattoos can be used as models, but feel free to create your own!

Man with a heart tattoo 

With arrow

An arrow can refer to a love that goes straight to the heart. Getting a heart tattoo pierced with an arrow is a sweet way to show your loved one how much you care. There's something so simple about an illustration like this; with only two basic shapes - a heart and an arrow - and yet, still a strong and deep meaning. If you're interested in a simple tattoo like this, we recommend opting for color rather than black ink. We especially recommend red, the color of passion!

Heart pierced by an arrow

Anatomical shape

An anatomical heart tattoo is not necessarily romantic. It usually expresses a certain distance from love, at least in its idealized form. These tattoos are often accompanied by another motif, a snake for example.

Generally speaking, you don't want some ill-intentioned person to make fun of your tattoo. So make sure you choose a design that matches your personality!

Anatomical heart with snake


Among the most popular ideas, the double heart tattoo is a classic way to show your affection for another person. This design gives a unique look to your arm or back and allows you to show everything in your heart, including affection for family, friends and that special someone. The two hearts each with an arrow pointing to each other symbolize the love between two people in a relationship. For the more daring among you, this tattoo will look great on your wrist.

Double Heart Tattoo

With dagger

A classic design, with a heart pierced by a knife, usually represents love that hurts or has been lost. A symbol of heartbreak, it can also honor the memory of a deceased person and help remember them. It can also serve as a reminder that it's best not to rush things after being hurt in a relationship.

This tattoo can have strong meanings such as obsession, jealousy and unrequited love. These are all feelings that can be experienced when your feelings are not reciprocated - in other words, when they are not returned by another person. A tattoo like this is certainly quite dark and could be seen as an absence of illusion, but is it realistic?

Adding flowers in the background of this tattoo will look great, like in the illustration below. If you feel ready to dare, you can get this tattoo on your wrist. Otherwise, choose a more discreet place like the upper arm or the ankle.

Dagger Heart Tattoo

On fire

Although it may seem minimalist, the heart tattoo with fire is a true expression of love and passion. It crystallizes the desire to see these feelings last forever! This tattoo will be ideal for a woman or a man who wishes to transcribe his passion for love in a different way than with words.

Heart on Fire

With butterflies

This tattoo symbolizes that you will always find love, or that you have already found it. Butterflies, like many other creatures in nature, only live for a short time, so it can be an allegory of a fleeting but intense passion. Some women get it as a sign of appreciation from their spouse; others get it to symbolically keep their loved ones close. A black tone seems very appropriate for this style of tattoo.

Butterfly Heart Tattoo

With lock

Although this tattoo may look old school, this tattoo symbolizes the love locked in your heart. It is ideal for couples who are looking to etch their relationship, not in marble, but on their skin! One variation represents an open lock, which is appropriate if you've been together for years, while a closed lock represents less time spent together as well as the desire to lock away the passion that is yours. The couple can decide which representation works best for them depending on how the partners feel about each other, as well as the length of their relationship or marriage. You can add some roses in the background of this tattoo for an even brighter look.

Locked Heart Tattoo

With angel wings

When someone gets a heart tattoo with angel wings, it means that they are trying to represent passion. But not just any kind; rather a divine, idealized, perfect love. It is usually an expression of deep feelings for another person. Of course, the tattoo can be done on a part of the body that is mostly covered, but it's still there! In our opinion, this tattoo will look great on your arm.

Angel Wings Heart Tattoo

With skull

Combining a heart with a skull is a recipe for a killer tattoo! This design will look great on both women and men. The meaning of this tattoo can vary depending on how you want to look at it. Some people think it symbolizes the love of life, while others see it as a sign of fatalism, death and destruction. Whichever way you choose to look at it, these combined images are always stunning! Add leaves or a flower And why not get such a tattoo on your ankle?

Skull Heart Tattoo

I love and I hate

The combination of a heart with the words "odi et amo" will be particularly striking and shows a certain outlook on life. It means in Latin "I hate and I love". The original expression is from the Latin poet Catullus. It is a declaration of shared feelings that strikes by its brevity and power.

I love and I hate tattoo


Heart tattoos are a popular choice, but more and more, people are looking for unique designs. One of our favorites is the mechanical style. It is visually stunning and perfect for steampunk fans. This tattoo combines dark heart shapes with cogs and gauges to create an elaborate style that is difficult to replicate with any other type of illustration. The tattoo artist may look to add movement to the cogs, creating dynamic shadows and lines that are perfect for both men and women. Tattoos of this style have very few colors, however, favoring a simple black and white.

Mechanical Heart


The protected heart evokes the enclosure in order to recover from a trauma. This type of illustration can for example evoke the memory of a loved one; The death of a close friend or family member is an incredibly painful experience. That's why grieving with others who have also lost a loved one can bring great comfort. Why not add some roses in the background to soften such a tattoo and the emotions it represents? Indeed, no matter how pretty they look on slideshows, you wouldn't want your tattoo to look like one of the cliparts easily found online.

Protected Heart

With bird

You can never go wrong with a simple heart, but try to incorporate a little creativity. Adding wings or feathers, for example, gives your heart a sense of movement. Plus, birds are one of life's greatest symbols of freedom and beauty! If you're looking for an understated but sweet look, you can't go wrong with a simple heart and bird. Plus, this tattoo symbolizes infinite love. Adding some flowers, like the rose on the tattoo below, will look great though!

Bird Heart Tattoo

With crown

Although we love hearts as a symbol of romance, drawing a heart on your body can be a bit cliché. However, when it comes to crowning your heart with a royal tiara, you take things up a notch. In addition to being an adorable and delicate tattoo style for a woman, it's also a subtle way to display your feelings for someone - perhaps your significant other or even yourself!

Crown Heart Tattoo


We hope these heart tattoo designs have inspired you! This article on Parisian tattoo artists will help you discover other tattoo styles, and why not get a tattoo if you live in Paris or are just visiting. Otherwise, you can also find a nice temporary heart tattoo, in order to eventually take the plunge.

Professional tattoo artists will gladly create the designs of your choice on your skin! And don't forget that getting a tattoo is a real art, so take the time to choose your tattoo artist! The American Tattoo Society will certainly be able to give you extra info about getting a tattoo.

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