22 Symbols of Love Explained

We've all heard of the most famous symbols of love, like red roses, doves, and hearts, but what about the symbols we don't hear much about? There are so many ways to express your love to someone, whether it's through gestures or a unique love symbol that no one else can understand but you. Take the time to learn about these 20 love symbols, some of which are little known, so you can surprise your partner with your romantic creativity!

1. Helium Balloon

If you and your boyfriend aren't quite ready to say "I love you," surprise him with a pair of helium-filled balloons. When they pop, it will be like saying "I love you" to him! It doesn't get more romantic than that. You can use helium balloons in the shape of a heart or letter, which you can find in most stores around Valentine's Day.

Woman with heart-shaped balloons

2. Heart

When we think of symbols of love, we immediately go to hearts and other similar shapes. The heart, a rounded shape made up of two intersecting lines, is one of humanity's oldest and most popular emblems. This iconic symbol is ubiquitous in popular culture, from Valentine's Day greeting cards to high school yearbooks to Hollywood movies. And because it represents love in its purest form, many people choose to get a heart tattoo on their body to express their devotion (or in honor of someone they love). The heart may seem like an obvious choice for anyone who has ever been in love or wants to show how much they care about another person; however, there are many other symbolic options worth considering before choosing your favorite official Cupid sign.

Rose gold heart ring

3. Rose

One of the most common symbols of love, the rose has been synonymous with romance and beauty for centuries. The practice of giving a rose to someone is believed to have originated in ancient Rome, when young men would cut roses from their gardens and give them to their love. In medieval times, knights would give them to their ladies on special occasions like Valentine's Day or before going to war. Romantic!

Rose flower

4. Holding hands

According to a study in Psychological Science, couples who regularly hold hands tend to be healthier and happier. Touch sends oxytocin (the love hormone) from one partner to the other, producing feelings of contentment and trust. Even if you're not married or dating someone exclusively, reaching out to each other when you walk together can make your relationship more secure and intimate.

Couple holding hands

5. Teddy Bear

It's big, soft and fluffy - everything you want in a cuddly companion. The teddy bear is also one of the oldest symbols of love. Theodore Roosevelt once said that there's no better way to show your love than with a teddy bear. If you need proof that he cares about you, he may show up with a teddy bear... So check out one of our heart teddy bears now!

Teddy bears with hearts

6. Gift Boxes

A common symbol of love is the gift box. It may not come as a surprise to many, but for those who don't already know, a gift box usually involves wrapping a precious or meaningful item in colorful paper and tying it with a pretty ribbon or string. Even if you can't find an actual gift box, there are plenty of ways to create your own by crumpling up colored paper and wrapping it around an item you want to give.

Gift box

7. Shooting star

The shooting star is usually a symbol of lost love. It means that your loved one cannot be with you right now. It is a beautiful thought that lost loves are watching over us and can return to us when we least expect it. If you wake up and see a shooting star, it is a sign that your loved one will be coming home soon.

Shooting star

8. Cupid

The little cherub with the bow and arrow is said to be one of the oldest symbols of love in history. The Romans believed that Cupid was a god who could make people fall in love with his arrow. More recently, Cupid has been associated with Valentine's Day and hearts, but you can still find statues of Cupid in Pisa, Italy!

Cupid Statue

9. Aphrodite

Aphrodite, the mother of Eros, aka Cupid for the Romans, is the goddess of love and desire. Celebrated for her beauty during Antiquity, she has given rise to many representations in art. One of our favorites is Botticelli's Birth of Venus, where Aphrodite appears on a shell and surrounded by flower petals.

 Botticelli's Birth of Venus

10. A kiss

Kissing is one of humanity's oldest forms of communication, and it can convey a range of emotions, from comfort to passion. But while most people know that a kiss means "I love you," there are actually many types of kisses, all with different meanings. If you want to send a message to someone, look no further than your mouth!

Couple kissing in the shade

11. Flowers

Since man first began growing them, flowers have been a symbol of love and affection. From your grandmother's vase to your spouse's bouquet, flowers can make any loved one feel special. In addition to their aesthetic beauty, flowers also represent love because they bloom for a very short period of time - and can even die within hours or days. So it's no wonder we associate them with love!

Colorful flowers

12. A gold ring

This popular symbol of love comes from Greek mythology. It is said that Zeus gave his wife, Hera, a ring at their wedding ceremony so that she would always remember her husband and their marriage. Today, you can still buy a ring for your other half to symbolize your undying love and commitment. World of Hearts offers many rings, including this gold-plated heart ring.

Gold plated ring

13. Cute eyes emoji 🥺

The cute eyes emoji is one of the most popular symbols of love, especially when paired with a heart. Let your loved ones know how much you care about them by texting them "I <3 U" or draw them a picture to show them how much they mean to you. To be more original, use the cute eyes emoji 🥺 while your significant other is out and about; it's all too easy to lose your emotions in the translation of a text, but seeing their eyes light up will definitely communicate your feelings.

But then what about heart emojis 💙? Do they still represent love? Check out our article on the subject to find out!

14. Bow and Arrow

The arrow is a popular symbol in ancient Greek mythology. It is said that the son of Cupid and Psyche, Eros, possessed golden arrows that could make any creature fall in love. Together with his brother Anteros, he would shoot his arrows at those who were in each other's arms. This is how people started to use arrows as symbols of love or marriage. In Roman mythology, Cupid also used his bow and arrows as symbols of love and attraction.

Woman holding a bow and a heart-shaped arrow

15. Shells

As far back as ancient Greece, seashells have been associated with love, thanks to their shape. For example, Greek brides wore tiny gold replica shells on their wedding day. In addition, the seashell is one of the secret language symbols that lovers used in the Victorian era - the seashell meant "I will love you forever". In that spirit, our seashell necklace adds a touch of romance and subtle charm to any look. These are just a few examples; there are countless others throughout history. One great thing about symbolism? It's constantly evolving; it evolves along with people! There is so much to explore!

Shells on the beach

16. Doves

If you're looking for a universal symbol of love for all cultures, look no further than doves. These birds have been used as symbols of love and peace since ancient times, and are often depicted flitting over couples in paintings. In Greek mythology, doves were believed to carry messages from Aphrodite to humans. In Christian art and folklore, white doves were represented as signs from God concerning peace or joy.

Dove in the night sky

17. Locks

When two people take a padlock with their names on it and throw it into a river, they symbolically lock their relationship and reject all other options. This act serves as an outward confirmation that they are destined to be together forever. In some places, such as Paris, padlocks are now found on bridges; when couples meet and fall in love, they may install one of these love padlocks to seal their commitment.

Lock on a grid

18. Swans

The swan symbolizes love and devotion, which is quite fitting for a bird known to be very faithful. In addition to being a symbol of love, swans are symbols of spiritual truth, and they often appear in art and literature. Swans are also graceful creatures - one legend has it that Zeus saw Leda turn into a swan while mating with him. Impressed by her beauty, he took her as his wife.

Swan on a blue lake

19. The lilac

Lilacs are a symbol of eternal love, but they also have spiritual connotations in Buddhism. Lilacs are also very versatile: not only do they attract bees and butterflies - lovely symbols in their own right - but they can be incorporated into salads or cooked into jam. So if you want to give someone something beautiful, tasty and with extra meaning, choose lilac.

Lilac flowers

20. The claddagh ring

The claddagh ring is a Celtic symbol of love that is worn on the hand. This ring usually represents two hands holding a heart. The hands represent friendship, and the heart hanging on either side represents loyalty (heart) and affection/love.

Woman with a claddagh ring

21. Love knots

The Celtic love knot symbolized the bond between two people who love each other. They were thought to be strong enough to never part. The most famous example is found on the Book of Kells, but many other examples have been found, including some carved on walls centuries ago. This is an ideal symbol for lovers to get a tattoo on their body.

Love knot

22. Tattoos

Some tattoos can perfectly symbolize love, especially if you and your partner choose matching ones or if the tattoo you choose evokes the loved one. We've written an article on heart tattoos to inspire you!

Double Heart Tattoo


We hope you enjoyed this article about love symbols 🧡. Why not give a piece of jewelry with the most common symbol of love, the heart, to one of your loved ones? World of Hearts offers a wide range of products with a heart, including heart jewelry.

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